Grilled CZR

Tonight, we ventured out! Grandma & Grandpa came and took the boys to dinner @ Swenson's, hot fudge & peanut butter milkshakes...YUM. Reminds me of my old Darri Barn days! Sheri & I ventured out to dinner with Evan in tow (he slept, surprise) and then went looking at washers and dryers :( Anyways, I was reminded by a friend of a classic salad that I used to make; so, here it is for you.


Grilled CZR Salad

2 romaine hearts
1/4 c roasted red peppers
1 c olive oil
1 anchovy
black pepper
1/4 c Romano cheese
1 egg
1 teas lemon juice
1 teas chopped garlic
1 teas hot sauce
2 slices french bread
shaved Romano cheese


1. In blender, combine peppers, anchovy, salt, pepper, egg, garlic, lemon juice & hot sauce. pulse until combined.
2. add the Romano cheese. stream into blender while running on low the olive oil.
3. heat grill and brush grates with olive oil. grill romaine quickly. chop stem off of lettuce, plate and top with dressing.
4. grill bread until nice and grill marked.
5. serve on side of salad with extra roasted peppers over top and shaved Romano.

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