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23 A year of opportunity!

 As we rolled the calendar into 2023, did you feel like I did? Like we limped across the finish line? Like, if we snap our fingers, things will hopefully be back to our “normal” life?  Like we have lived in some weird, crazy world for the last few years???  I’m with you but, ‘23 is going to be our year!!! It’s a year of milestones. I will turn 50 in a few short months, celebrate 26 years with the love of my life, enjoy my 3 #amazing gingers!  Also, to celebrate the passion of all things food, I plan to share my 50 most memorable meals (in no particular order) of places, friends, recipes and maybe a couple of “how to” videos along the way! Here’s to making ‘23 the EPIC Year that it is meant to be!  Cheers to you a and celebrate life, love and whatever your passion is!

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