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The Industry of Stress, Service and the Opportunity for Success!

You never walk alone!  EVER! Sometimes, in our business, although we are very vibrant with our co workers and staffs, we feel alone.  Sometimes, being alone is the scariest thing that one can encounter.  Sometimes, being unable to share those feelings is like a personal prison.  And, Sometimes, in our business, we feel like there is no way out... Listen, if you are someone that occasionally or regularly falls into the "Sometimes" bucket, Please remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Strong Mental Health is something that I care deeply about.  It helps cope with what I call the "sometimes syndrome".  It assists us all with checks and balances that can help us be the person that we all strive to be.  Having a conversation with a real friend who has empathy and compassion to what you may be going through but, also can hit you square between the eyes with honesty and truth can be the beginning of the path to where you want to end up.  Let's face it, no one wants

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