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Team Up! And Don't forget the soup!

It's easy, just Team Up!

Your employees ARE relevant!  Servers speak to trends not because of what you are telling them but, what and how they go about their life goals and personal business.  Fact, in the hospitality business, when restaurants train their staffs on social media platforms and how to integrate the experience into the consumers experience, satisfaction surveys are 300% more likely favorable and a "repeat" diner experience is created.

The goal of every business is to maintain a level of relevancy.  To keep in front of the curve and not get caught up into the "restaurant lull".  I have been in front of the curve AND reached a level of inconsistent relevancy...  This business is a struggle and it's easy to not see the forest for the tree. 

Attached are some simple things that restaurants can do to 1. Be Relevant and 2. Maintain through the lulls:

1. Train your staff in ways that speak to them - e-learning, social interaction & connectivity w…

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