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Swan song - The Upside down

For 11 years, give or take, I have kept a tight and, then, a little looser record of my culinary journeys that centered around all things food. Techniques, quips, Innovation and even failures 😬  I did this to show my love and my life in this scene of fantasy… a scene to help others escape a bit of reality,  by living through my culinary eyes 👀.  Never a moment of regret entered my mind. This thing that I created was just my journal of life over the last decade or so!  These last 18 months though, damn! Full of many new changes, challenges, passions and experiences. The only way I can describe them is like living in “the upside down” to steal a term from Stranger Things on Netflix. Going through the motions, being furloughed, trying new techniques, mentally tiredness and personal fulfillment are a few words I would use to shape my life as well as many others journey in that time!   I used this blog for a resource, I used it to give me a voice, I used it to establish my identity and, I

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