Bacon Jam!

As I was building recipes this fall... I had the chance to create something that might be best described as a spoonful of love!!! Bacon Jam, yes, Bacon jam!!!!😃 You can make it, put on bread, turkey, sandwiches or, as stated before... Just by the spoonful! The beauty is you can package it up & throw it in the freezer and pull it out when you need a bacon fix!


Bacon Jam
2 lbs thick cut natural bacon
1 cup anise(fennel) sliced, caramelized
1/2 c red onions, caramelized
1/2 c red peppers, diced fine
1/4 c sugar
2 c cider
1/2 c maple syrup
1/4 c honey
1 t Cajun spice


1. Cook bacon in oven. Rough chop.
2. Caramelize fennel, peppers & onions in left over bacon fat & sugar.
3. Add all ingredients including left over bacon fat in sauce pan & heat to a rolling boil on medium heat.
4. Pulse in blender or blend with emulsion blender until the consistency that is desired.
5. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

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