Restaurant Reality... in 2018

I've been around this sun a few times and consulted with  many a restaurant over the years.. I can say one thing for certain as 2018 gets started... This business keeps the #crazy alive! Forget the trends, people are just out there "Doing what they want"! 

This business, well...It's Scary, very Intimidating, a seemingly revolving door at times but,  in many moments it can also be Glorious!!! 

See, creating restaurant menus and concepts are about 1 thing as I see it.  PASSION!!!  From sharing a generational recipe to the masses, building brand equity or simply just trying to create new traditions for guests to enjoy.  The thing that gets lost sometimes is the Psychology of the business and how it affects everyone around it.  

Over the 2018 year, throughout these posts, I will try and shed some light on the "Why"

Why a picture is worth a Million Likes!

Why you wouldn't serve that piece of fish even though it will ding your food cost!

Why you need to break out of your own head to be successful!

Why employees need to have a little skin in the game!

Why being "Relevant" makes a difference!

Why trends work in influencing the buyers!

Why being stuck and asking for help is more than okay!

Why 2-4 pm is a defining moment in this industry!

Why positive reinforcement works!

Why certain types of establishments absolutely Thrive while others wither on the vine!

There are a million more whys and I hope you will understand a little Psych goes a long way in today's business success!

Now, as for that picture being worth a Million likes, easy explanation is that the consumer now decides where they are going to eat based on what they see online.  More on this next time but, for now, here's a simple before and after photo of the same exact sandwich...  


I hope you will join me and send it out to all of your friends who have some restaurant Moxy and want some questions answered.  Hit me up on twitter or instagram @quinney23 or @quinney's kitchen on Facebook.


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